The hidden power contained within is waiting to be unlocked. Mix and match from all 5 types to create your own unique playstyle!

Time Relic

Enhances or augments of Time skill.

Curse Relic

Greatly improves your ability but it comes with a cost.

Power Relic

Increase attributes of character status.

Mastery Relic

Gains massive benefits when performing specific actions.

Vitakity Relic

Increases the drop rates of consumables and orbs.

Yellow Orb

The life essence, which is obtained from the enemies. Aeterno Blade can absorb its power in order to improve the user's abilityand can be exchanged for items


Players have the freedom to spend yellow orbs to increase Freyja's stats or unlock and upgrade new movesets. Having a huge arsenal of powerful moves to choose from will undoubtedly help you in your journey!

Norn Memorial

A crumbling ruin from a long forgotten era. There is a secret passage hidden inside a Norns Memorial that leads to the Enigmata.


An enigmatic dimension that exists between the gaps of space and time. Solving the mysteries within will reward you with immense wealth.