The protagonist of the previous AeternoBlade. After succeed in defeating the demon lord of darkness, Beladim, and helped her village, saved Zevil and Carol become alive again in the new world line. She now back to the peaceful life as a guard of the village. However, her story is just beginning.

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A high-rank warrior of Chronos kingdom and childhood friend with Bernard and Rosaline. He goes to the Eternity Fortress with Bernard to stop the cause that will lead the kingdom to disaster. His personality is quite opposite of Bernard. According to some tragic in the past made him a disbeliever of the Chronos God religion that spread widely in the Chronos kingdom

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A high-rank warrior of Chronos kingdom. Strong sense of duty. According to the prophecy of the 'Oracle' of the kingdom, with his comrade Felix, he travels to Eternity Fortress to stop the cause that will lead the kingdom to disaster. He is childhood friend with Felix and Rosaline.

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The princess of Chronos Kingdom. She has the mysterious power that inherits from her bloodline of the royal family. She is also the childhood friend of Bernard and Felix.


A character from the previous AeternoBlade who help Freyja on her journey. After the incident of AeternoBlade, he quit the job as the Adventurer and started the shop with his sister Carol. He again, assist Freyja on the journey this time.


Zevil's little sister. She helps him run the shop that newly opened. She had been friend with Freyja in a long time when her brother went on as the adventurer. She comes with Freyja to help her on the journey along with her brother Zevil.