The world of AeternoBlade

A Long Long time ago. In the 4th dimension, exist Inhumans or we called them the "Gods". They watched humans from above, but not involve with them as they can't exist in the 3rd dimension. Until one day, Lord of Chronos, one of the gods created 3 time artifacts named the 'AeternoBlade' with the intention to travel between dimensions. However, the existense of the AeternoBlades had created a gap between worlds, causing human's darkness to spread to the 4th dimension. The Gods that came in contact with the darkness of human became Demons. Demons brought calamity to all the dimensions and cause the "Dimension war". In the end, all of the AeternoBlades were sealed in the far depth of the 'Everlasting void', the dimension that exists between human and God's dimension.

Previously in the event of AeternoBlade

Long ago, when the world was ruled by darkness. Alwesia region, a cruel continent where humans must fight and struggle in order to survive, stood Beladim, Lord of the Mist, Commander of the Army of Darkness. It has been said that Beladim cannot be killed by any means. Those who oppose and challenge this immortal all become a feast for him and his heartless army. He has razed and destroyed everything he set foot upon.

Freyja, the girl who had her village, Ridgerode destroyed, travels with an unknown weapon called the 'AeternoBlade'. Freyja looks to take revenge on Beladim. Her vengeance is aided by Vernia, a mysterious witch. Vernia taught Freya about the potential of the AeternoBlade. Freyja obtained the true power of the AeternoBlade with the advice of "Bernard", the man who had been imprisoned in the Everlasting Void. With that, she can travel back in time before Beladim destroyed her village to save it and have her vengeance once and for all.

The Story of AeternoBlade II

After the event of the first AeternoBlade. Freyja has been living a peaceful life with her friends at the Ridgerode village. One day, The dimension begins to unstabilize and the existence of this reality seems to be distorted.It is the consequence of her actions attempting to change the world lines over and over again. To fix this, her journey begins once again. On the other side of the world, two warriors, Bernard and Felix are heading to the Eternity Fortress to stop a disaster foretold by their Chronosian kingdom's 'Oracle'."A dark void opens, calamity falls from the sky". All their fates will be revealed in AeternoBlade II.