Press Kit

  • Factsheet

    Developer : Corecell Technology Co.,Ltd
    Genre : Action, Platformer
    Digital Copy Price : 24.99 USD
    Physical Copy Price : TBA
    Release Date : In 2017
    Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
    Official Website : :
    Social : Indiegogo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
    Company Address : 949/179-180 Soi Pasuk Sathupradit 58 Road, Bangpongpang, Yannawa bangkok Thailand 10120

  • Description

    AeternoBlade 2 is the sequel of AeternoBlade, a time-manipulation action & puzzle side-scrolling platformer featuring with world exploration and RPG elements. We enhance more features in AeternoBlade 2 including Time-stop, Time-forwarding plus more action features that will make gameplay more intense and interesting.

  • Features

    3 Playable Characters

    AeternoBlade II has 3 playable characters with difference abilities and storyline. You can play as Freya, Bernard and Felix.

    More type of AeternoBlade!

    We now have 3 characters with 3 weapons that Aeternoblade can be changed into. Each one has a unique ability that will have you with new experience!!

    AeternoBlade of Past

    Freyja's AeternoBlade is in the form of sword like before. It has decent power, range, speed and comes with the ability to reverse time.

    AeternoBlade of Past's ability

    • Time Reverse: Everything except Freyja will be played back. Some green flashing objects called timeless object, however, cannot be played back by this ability.

    • Time Wap: Place the marker at Freyja's current position, After that, when pressing the button again Freya will be warped back to the marker to solve the puzzles and avoid attack in battle.

    AeternoBlade of Present

    AeternoBlade of Present is in the form of Halberd. It has more powerful power than the sword but less speed.

    AeternoBlade of Present's ability

    • Time Stop: All objects will stop moving. Bernard can make stacking attack to the stopped enemy, make them to standing ground and can change the direction of the moving projectile.

    • Stone Breaker: The Halberd can be use to destroy the obstacles that normally can not do. Make the way to the new path.

    AeternoBlade of Future

    AeternoBlade of future is in the form of whip blade. It has less power than the others but has the benefit of high speed.

    AeternoBlade of Future's ability

    • Parallel Self: Felix can use his AeternoBlade to record his action, then come back to present and make to the parallel of him to help attack enemies or solve the puzzles.

    • Hook chain: The whip blade can be used to hook on the far above objects to help him move up to far more of the platform.

    New Actions

    3 Weapons: 3 characters have different battle styles depend on their weapon.

    • Freyja Action ( Sword )

    • Bernard Action ( Halberd )

    • Felix Action ( Whip Blade )

    More puzzle and world depth

    With more abilities to use, we also have more type of puzzles to be solved. The map has more of the depth that you can travel to. This time the map can be more complicated than before.

    Quest System, Shop and Upgradable relics

    Zevil and Carol now will assist you on the journey with his newly opened shop. They also provide quests and upgradable relics that will let you have more powerful relics than the previous AeternoBlade. Occasionally, Carol may ask your help to do some quest for her.

  • History

    AeternoBlade 2 was planned in 2015 ,The game was originally set for release on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in 2016 and Home Console in 2017. we started to find illustrator for new art direction while preparing team for Unreal Engine 4 from 2015. The team start full production on April 2016. We finished crossing our CoreUs engine to Unreal 4 However, we face the problem about supporting all features. So, As limited resource we have to focus on the platforms that Unreal Engine 4 support. Corecell faced development problems when the art team left in March 2017 and they had to redo work on the art direction. April 2017, Corecell start getting new artist members and open crowd fundding in Indiegogo for secure finance for the project.